Increase in Offer of Sustainable Outings

Press Release

Doubled Number in the Second Quarter for CO2-Neutral Corporate Outings

The demand for outdoor activities contributing to a carbon-neutral society is on the rise. This is evident from Lighthouse Events, a South Holland-based organizer renowned for corporate events along the Dutch coast. The company has expanded its offerings to include ecological, CO2-neutral, and socially responsible outings, leading to a doubling in requests. Popular activities include the Beach Clean-up, the Ice Man Challenge, and the Seaweed Walk.

Lighthouse Events, together with its partners, takes daily steps toward a healthier, more social, and sustainable society, notably through the introduction of Expeditie Noordzee. On this website,, there are over a dozen Eco-Friendly Team Events available for both businesses and individuals.

The website's name refers to the Robinson Expedition, a popular outing focused on survival. It is inspired by the TV format where celebrities are dropped on an island and undergo challenges.

Milan Verwoerd, Creative Director at Lighthouse Events, emphasizes the importance of sustainable outings, stating, "It is five to twelve. Sea levels are rising, and the realization that things must change is growing. Without adjustment, we must literally survive in turbulent climates. We at Expeditie Noordzee share the urgency to globally reduce CO2 emissions."

Corporate Outing for a Good Cause

The expansion of the activity offering aligns with the increasing consumer demand. Verwoerd says, "It's a market segment that is growing rapidly, and it seamlessly aligns with our company mission and vision. For every outing booked through Expeditie Noordzee, we plant a tree in the Netherlands and Bolivia. We also donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Giving Back and Breed Geluk foundations, two social and community foundations we collaborate with." Booking a corporate outing with Expeditie Noordzee means immediately supporting a good cause.

Sustainable Outing Options

The sustainable outings available through Expeditie Noordzee are predominantly outdoor activities by the sea, such as Yoga by the Sea, a Seaweed Walk, Beach Cleanup, Expedition RobinSun, Wim Hof Clinic, Tailored Corporate Outing, an educational program for schools, Pullka, Aqua Walking, Power Kiting, Tide Walk, typical Dutch Road Bowling, City Game, Escape the Beach, and Dune Dropping.

About Expeditie Noordzee

Expeditie Noordzee stands for sustainability and a healthy lifestyle. This website complements the offerings of Lighthouse Events & Media BV, which has been professionally organizing corporate events for ten years. The Scheveningen-based company believes that businesses play a crucial role in improving the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Therefore, they offer tailor-made corporate outings that are sustainable and healthy.