Sustainable outings

Eco-friendly team activities Den Haag

The outings organized by Expeditie Noordzee are the ideal choice for companies, families, and teams who consider nature, activity, and health as significant themes. Our eco-friendly outings represent the perfect blend of team building and nature immersion. We aim to assist everyone in making more sustainable choices and being socially responsible. We achieve this by collaborating with organizations such as Breed Geluk and Giving Back foundation. And also the Trees 4 All project.

Sustainable Corporate Outings Zuid-Holland

Corporate outings by Expeditie Noordzee are sustainable, carbon-neutral, and provide Nature-Inspired Team Building. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for companies aiming to meet high standards in corporate social responsibility and green entrepreneurship. Our expedition partners are beach clubs along the coast of Zuid-Holland, with whom we collaborate closely. We share common values for green entrepreneurship. We also have various operational bases for our unique outings, along the entire Dutch coast. Including locations in 'Noord-Holland', such as Zandvoort. Ask us for the possibilities.

Create social, environmental, and economic value while reducing environmental impact. Book an eco-conscious team-building experience!