Trees for All; eco-friendly & CO2-neutral

Growing a Greener Tomorrow, One Tree at a Time

Opt for an appealing selection of green outings that are sustainable, CO2-neutral, and eco-friendly. This is made possible through our partnership with Trees 4 All. With each booking, we plant two trees and send participants a certificate as proof. We offer a wide range of Eco-Friendly Team Events and Top Sustainable Experiences that align with the corporate social responsibility goals and green entrepreneurship of any organization.

CO2 Offsetting for Companies

After booking a green outing with Expeditie Noordzee, you may individually travel to the sea. Not everyone can use a bike or public transportation. So, these additional car rides need to be offset. Or perhaps, in the spirit of team bonding, a low-budget uniform with a logo was ordered from Bangladesh or Burma? No worries, our green outings are additionally CO2-neutral and socially responsible. In fact, Expeditie Noordzee plants two trees with each booking: one in the Netherlands and one in Bolivia.

Corporate Outing for Charity

In addition, we regularly donate a percentage to two charitable organizations, namely Stichting Breed Geluk and Stichting Giving Back.

Contribute to a greener planet while enjoying a beautiful day together? Choose sustainable outings and book with Expeditie Noordzee.

  • Nature-Inspired Team Building
  • Corporate Wellness Activities
  • Unique Company Retreats