Expeditie Robinzon

Expeditie Robinzon
Expeditie Robinzon

Sustainable Corporate Outing: Expedition RobinSun with Expedition North Sea

Discover Expedition RobinSun, the original and sustainable corporate outing by Expedition North Sea where health and sportiveness come together. This unique experience can be expanded with a Beach Cleanup, Wim Hof clinic, duindropping of zeewierwandeling, giving the outing a green, sustainable, and environmentally conscious touch. A socially responsible corporate outing that puts athleticism and team spirit at its core.

Expedition RobinSun: Adventure with a Green Twist

This team or corporate outing takes place at a prime location on the South Holland beach, with the option to organize the event at other coastal locations. It includes various challenging tasks that test the participants' skills and qualities, making it perfect for team building and strengthening team spirit. There are three variants of the expedition available, and we're happy to tailor it to the group's needs and budget. Optionally, combine the event with a drink, lunch, or dinner arrangement at various beach clubs we collaborate with.

Sustainability in Action: Expedition RobinSun

Expedition RobinZon is inspired by the well-known television show; Expedition Robinson. Expedition Noordzee adds a sustainable twist to the survivor theme. Under professional guidance, teams engage in challenging trials and compete on the beach. It's more than just a competition. It's always fun when the manager of the group has to endure an eating challenge, and you'll be amazed at how nutritious seaweed really is. Skills are also required to successfully complete the fire challenge. Starting a fire without the use of fossil fuels, that's sustainability at its best. And back to basic.

Eco-friendly fun team activities

At Expedition RobinSun, it's all about an exciting beach competition with a positive impact on the environment. As a leader in sustainable corporate outings, we ensure that you not only have a fantastic team-building experience but also contribute to sustainability and social responsibility. Each task requires different skills and qualities, with collaboration and communication being crucial for success. Choose Expedition RobinSun for a fantastic team-building event that prioritizes both humanity and nature.

Contact us through the form and create a successful sustainable corporate outing with Expeditie Noordzee.

In collaboration with trees4all we plant 1 tree in the Netherlands and 1 tree in Bolivia with every booking. We also donate a percentage to charities Giving Back and Breed Geluk foundation

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