🌟🌟Pullka is a unique and challenging activity that originated in Finland and is similar to cross-country skiing, but with a sled. 🛷 It's a fun and challenging activity, but also a great way to work on team building and communication within your company. Pullka revolves around collaboration, with participants pulling the sled and navigating through the natural environment.

🏖️ During a Pullka activity, we embark on a sled tour through the dunes and/or along the beach. The unique aspect of Pullka is that the sleds are pulled by the participants themselves, which not only contributes to physical health but also strengthens team building and collaboration within the team. Moreover, Pullka is a sustainable activity, as it requires no fuel or electricity to propel the sleds.

💪💪💪Choose Pullka as a way to improve your team physically, brave the elements, and enhance team spirit. It's a carbon-neutral corporate outing that perfectly complements companies striving for sustainability and green entrepreneurship. By opting for Pullka, your company demonstrates its commitment to the environment while investing in team spirit and collaboration within your organization.

Book a Pullka activity for your company today at Expeditie Noordzee. Discover the benefits of this unique and sustainable team-building experience and make your corporate outing an unforgettable and valuable experience for your team. 🌊

In collaboration with trees4all we plant 1 tree in the Netherlands and 1 tree in Bolivia with every booking. We also donate a percentage to charities Giving Back and Breed Geluk foundation

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