Seaweed Walk

Seaweed Walk
Seaweed Walk

Seaweed Walk North Sea The Netherlands

🌿 Discover the Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

If you have a penchant for nature, our Seaweed Walk is an excellent choice. This guided stroll unveils the diverse varieties of seaweed thriving in the sea and explores their practical applications in daily life. It's not just a relaxing encounter with nature; it's an opportunity to delve into the hidden power and immense potential of seaweed.

🪸 Nutrient-Rich Seaweed

The seaweed walk is a sensory experience of aroma, color, and taste. Sampling is part of the adventure! After identifying various seaweed types and learning about their characteristics, you get to taste them. Whether found on the beach or provided by our seaweed expert, the seaweed is cooked with herbs for a delightful culinary experience. It's a return to nature!

🌍 Sportively Explore the World of Seaweed

With your gaze fixed on the vast ocean, feel the crisp sea breeze tousle your hair. Our seaweed walk invites you to discover the enchanting world of seaweed. Accompanied by seasoned guides, explore the coastline and acquaint yourself with the many seaweed varieties and their unique attributes. Ideal for a team outing or a leisurely day with friends and family, this activity offers a distinctive way to connect with nature while learning about the local flora and fauna. Our guides tailor the walk to the group's level and needs, welcoming participants of all hiking backgrounds.

Seaweed Walk: Expedition Along the North Sea Coast

The exact location may vary based on weather conditions and tides, but we always ensure a safe and picturesque route. Sturdy shoes and warm clothing are recommended, as coastal areas can be brisk. The walk takes approximately 1.5 hours, with a brief midway break to catch your breath and relish the stunning sea view. Our guides also share insights into the history and significance of seaweed for the local community.

Seaweed Expert Toine Wilke

In essence, the seaweed walk offers a unique and invigorating way to explore nature while learning about the hidden treasures of the sea. Watch the TEDx video featuring one of our Seaweed Experts, Toine Wilke, to get a glimpse of the experience!

Watch the TEDx video here!

In collaboration with trees4all we plant 1 tree in the Netherlands and 1 tree in Bolivia with every booking. We also donate a percentage to charities Giving Back and Breed Geluk foundation

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