Discover true vitality

Discover true vitality
Discover true vitality

Vitality Workshops at Expedition North Sea

There are not many vitality workshops available for companies or teams. This makes the Vitality Workshop from Expedition North Sea special, unique, and remarkable. During the workshop, you will discover the power of vitality within yourself. Join us on this journey and get to know yourself better. The workshop paves the way to a vital and happy life, with a focus on health and self-awareness.

The group will engage in a practical 1.5-hour workshop. Here, you will learn how to become more energetic and resilient. You will gain insights and tools to take control of your life and determine what is best for you. Learn to trust your own compass and easily achieve your personal goals!

Vitality Workshop

In this workshop, vitality trainer Manilde Buys invites you to work on your personal vitality goals. Through various exercises and assignments, you will learn to assess your vitality and chart your own course. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with your personal vitality plan in hand. Towards a vital society! 💪🏼

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In collaboration with trees4all we plant 1 tree in the Netherlands and 1 tree in Bolivia with every booking. We also donate a percentage to charities Giving Back and Breed Geluk foundation

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